The Right Choice when working with Asbestos Removal

Allens Industrial Products is the Industry Leader in the supply of Asbestos Removal Equipment (such as Asbestos Vacuum Cleaners, Asbestos Vacuum Bags and HEPA filters, Asbestos Kits, Asbestos Signs, Asbestos Waste Bags such as labelled hazard Asbestos Bags and Hazibags, Asbestos Respirators both full face and half face Asbestos Masks, Numatic Asbestos Vacuums, Nilfisk Asbestos Vacuums, CFM single and three phase Asbetos Vacuums, decontamination units both trailer and modular, negative pressure units and negative air monitors, and abestos site consumables such as tapes and plastics) and services small and large asbestos removal companies and government agencies Australia wide.

NEW Specialised Asbestos Only SYDNEY Warehouse and Office NOW OPEN

We are Australia's largest single source supplier of Asbestos Removal Equipment and stock products to suit every part of the Asbestos Removal Industry. Alongside our established Brisbane, QLD, location we have recently opened our new specialised Asbestos Removal Equipment only warehouse and office in Wetherill Park in Sydney, NSW. The opening of our Sydney warehouse not only provides us with the opportunity to better service the southern states of Australia (such as New South Wales, ACT and Canberra, Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania) in terms of delivery times and costs, but also provides our southern customers access to professional equipment servicing, DOP testing and hiring of asbestos removal equipment. We truely are Australia's leading supplier of Asbestos Removal Products. See below for the capital cities and regional areas that we currently supply or to download our comprehensive Asbestos and Hazardous Dust Removal Equipment catalogue please click here.

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Be sure your equipment is up to scratch

At Allens, we believe that the responsibility for improving the use of Asbestos Approved safety equipment and practices not only lies with the company or individuals using them, but also with the suppliers who need to ensure their products meet the highest standards for working with and removing of asbestos containing materials.

Allens actively promote the best safety practices for working with asbestos by educating our customers on the full range of products they require in order to be compliant. Our stock range meets the highest quality for asbestos removal equipment a much of our equipment is imported from the UK and is manufactured to either Australian or European Standards. Allens also promotes periodic testing of your asbestos removal equipment to ensure that your equipment maintains its efficiency and safety standard at the levels as when you first purchased it. For more information on periodic testing and servicing of asbestos removal equipment please see the Assured Equipment Services website.

Additionally many of our customer service representatives are trained in the safe removal of bonded asbestos and posses both technical knowledge and hands on experience. Our staff have received extensive equipment training in both Australia and the UK to make them competent in helping you select the right equipment for your job.

How can we help you?

The main source of exposure to asbestos is found in the renovation, maintenance and demolition industries. Workers need access to the right equipment for every stage of the job from:

  • Asbestos Approved PPE
  • Disposable Asbestos Waste Consumables
  • First Aid
  • Asbestos Site Identification Requirements
  • Asbestos Removal Tools and Equipment
  • Negative Pressure Requirements
  • Decontamination Units
  • Safe Asbestos Waste Disposal
Our expertise covers all of these aspects including solutions for air flow requirement calculations for negative pressure environments, wet and dry personal decontamination systems, and positive pressure respiratory requirements. If you have just completed your B Class asbestos removal license why not enquire about a tailored Asbestos Removal Kit for your bonded asbestos removal needs.