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Inspired to find a solution to sweaty hands, led us to develop
AD-APT®, the worlds first All Day Anti-Perspirant Technology
that weve integrated into the iconic MaxiFlex®. The patented
AIRtech® technology platform that provides 360° breathability
works in partnership with the AD-APT® technology platform to keep
your hand cool, dry and productive even in tough conditions.

MaxiFlex® has outstanding durability withstanding 18,000 abrasive
cycles thanks to the use of the DuraTech® coating technology in the
coating construction. MaxiFlex® has over twice the resistance of
other gloves in its class.

25% THINNER - than most foam nitrile gloves on the market whilst
offering twice the mechanical performance.
FORM, FIT AND FEEL - mimics the hand at rest, reducing hand
fatigue and increasing comfort
LATEST KNITTING TECHNOLOGY - utilized to produce a smooth and
rounded fingertips, improving fingertip sensitivity
CONSISTENT PENETRATION FREE LINER - from the nitrile, leaving
only the soft liner resting against the skin i.e. no strikethrough

OPTIMIZED GRIP delivered through the micro-cup finish allows for a
controlled grip.

360º BREATHABILITY - patented micro-foam nitrile coating offers 360º
breathability, making it the most breathable glove on the market today.

SKIN FRIENDLY - The well-being technology eliminates all traces of
process chemical and odours. MaxiFlex® is skin friendly and certified
to the Oeko-Tex 100® standard, which means the gloves are certified
that they do not contain any harmful/carcinogenic solvents.
REACH COMPLIANT - All ingredients used in the manufacturing and
construction of MaxiFlex® are compliant with REACH - Registration,
Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemical substances.
REACH is a new EU directive with the key aim to provide high levels
of protection to human health & environment.

Product Codes: ( 42-874/10 / 42-874/11 / 42-874/12 / 42-874/7 / 42-874/8 / 42-874/9 )

Category: Synthetic/Dipped

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