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The Omniguard 5 is a differential pressure recorder in a completely self-contained package, designed from the beginning to be extremely flexible yet easy to use. This pressure monitor uses real time monitoring of differential pressure and/or vacuum level, with duel inlet ports to allow monitoring between two areas. Multiple reports available at the touch of a key and the view log on screen makes it easy to scroll through the entire memory contents. The USB Type-A port lets you save logs directly to a flash drive as an additional logging option and a second USB port supports PC communication for transferring job logs, real time monitoring and configuration editing. A built-in Lithium Ion battery supports portable operation up to 6 hours without the use of AC for total flexibility.

The intuitive lay out and menu orientations mean you can quickly and easily set up and start a job. Touch the icons on the home page to adjust their correlating set points, and use the alpha numeric key board to personalize the contractor and job names and password protection settings.

With the addition of a built in lithium ion battery the Omniguard can now operate for up to 6 hours with out AC power. Even if you are working in an environment with potential power interruptions, you can be confident that your continuous job log will not be interrupted by a short loss of power. Power saving features such as auto shut off of the printer tape and a reduction in screen brightness allow the Omniguard to continue to monitor, and then will auto reset once power is available. The Omniguard makes it easy to monitor the battery life by indicating a power level percentage whenever the Omniguard is running off battery power

The Omniguard is now multilingual. Both the Omniguard user interface and the Omniguard Communication Software are now available in French and Spanish as well as English.

The Omniguard is equipped to handle the different power needs for our overseas customers. Each Omniguard now comes with a standard 85-240VAC power supply. Modifications for our international Omniguard are no longer necessary, which means lower costs for our customers and quicker turnaround for our international orders.

Features of Omniguard 5:
  • Simple to set up and use with 4.3? Color LCD touch screen interface
  • Real time monitoring of differential pressure and/or vacuum level
  • Built in cell modem lets you know whats happening at the job site automatically (May not work in your country).
  • 95 decibel audible alarm notifies workers and bystanders when containment is lost
  • Pressure displayed in Inches WC, Millimeters WC or Pascals
  • Thermal printer, no ink ribbons
  • Rugged self-contained unit includes power cord, owners manual, 10' of hose and spare paper roll stored in the case
  • Product Code: 511-OG5-M-INT

    Category: Air Pressure Monitor

    Brand: OMNIGUARD

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