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Fiberlock Lead Safe Cleaner 4 LTR

Fiberlock Lead Safe Cleaner 4 LTR

$63.64(inc GST)


LeadSafe Lead Dust Cleaner is a concentrated product designed specifically to assist in the cleanup of lead dust after lead abatement projects, construction/renovations or any other activity which disturbs lead and creates dust. This product has been formulated to remove more lead dust than ordinary cleaning products. Dilution 4 Litres makes 75 Litres.

LeadSafe cleaner utilizes chelating agents similar to those given to individuals with lead poisoning. These chelating agents lift the lead from the surface, binding to the lead dust and hold it in suspension.

Three Bucket Cleaning System: By following this system you will minimize the risks of reintroducing lead back into the cleaned environment.

  • Bucket 1 Contains uncontaminated LeadSafe cleaner solution.
  • Bucket 2 This bucket is empty and will be used to hold all dirty water.
  • Bucket 3 Contains clean water for rinsing.

  • 1. Using a mop, rag or sponge dip into bucket #1 and begin cleaning surfaces until clean.
  • 2. Ring out mop, rag or sponge into bucket #2 and return to bucket #1 for more cleaning solution.
  • 3. Use clean water from bucket #3 to rinse surfaces.
  • 4. Replace cleaning solution and rinse water when dirty.
  • Product Code: 5496-1-C4

    Category: Lead Abatement

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