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Aeris Guard Heavy Duty Cleaner - 5Ltr

Aeris Guard Heavy Duty Cleaner - 5Ltr

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Aeris heavy duty cleaner concentrate. Dilute up to 10:1

Heavy Duty Cleaner is known to be effective for the removal of heavy grease, oil and soil deposits.

Specific uses include the removal of grease from ovens, stoves, range hoods, barbecues and IS NON-CAUSTIC.

It has been clearly demonstrated that high levels of mould, dust and grime affect indoor air quality.

This procedure assures a cleaner surface and residual protection if AerisGuard products are to follow the Heavy Duty Cleaner.

This IFU covers the steps and actions that need to be followed when using Heavy Duty Cleaner.

All Aeris Environmental personnel and sub-contractors are expected to take an active role in establishing, implementing and maintaining this Procedure in line with this IFU according to their role and responsibility.

The purpose of acting in accordance with this IFU is to have an uninterrupted, smooth process that ensures that correct process and use of the products are followed. This IFU shall also be part of Aeriss continuous improvement initiative.

Product Code: AG-HD-5

Category: HVAC&R Cleaning

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