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MecDex Vibe-Pro A/Vibration

MecDex Vibe-Pro A/Vibration

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MaxiFlex is suitable in applications where abrasion and tear protection is required. Because of the superior quality and performance, better usage is achieved. This is also the glove that is targeted at the traditional glove market - leather riggers etc. and the older coated glove technologies.

25% thinner - than most foam nitrile gloves on the market whilst offering twice the mechanical performance

· Provides protection of the palm only

· Form, fit and feel - mimics the “hand at rest”, reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort

· Latest knitting technology - utilized to produce smooth and rounded fingertips, improving fingertip sensitivity

· Consistent liner penetration - from the nitrile, leaving only the soft liner resting against the skin i.e. no strikethrough

· Optimized grip delivered through the micro-cup finish allows for a controlled grip

We also offer this in a fully coated version (34-876), where protection on the back of the hand knuckle area is required).


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Product Code: AV-53/L

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