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SPEEDGLAS AWS426000 - Outside Cover Lens

SPEEDGLAS AWS426000 - Outside Cover Lens

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SPEEDGLAS AWS426000 - Outside Cover Lens

  • Pack of ten replacement 3M Speedglas outside cover lenses (part number 426000) to suit the Speedglas 9000 & 9002 Series Welding Helmets
  • Protect the outside of your Speedglas 9000 and 9002 auto-darkening lens from sparks, splatter and wear and tear
  • Essential in the care and maintenance of your Speedglas 9000 welding helmet
  • Cover lenses suitable for the new Speedglas 9002NC
  • Look to replace your outside cover plates once to twice a week depending on use
  • Comes standard in a pack of 10 (plate marking 420150)
  • Also available in either hard-coated (part number 427000) or high-heat (part number 427071) cover plates
  • Dimensions 159 x 96mm
  • Product Code: AWS426000

    Category: Welding Protection

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