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Tork Universal Slimline Hand Towel

Tork Universal Slimline Hand Towel

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Tork Universal Hand Towel Slimline is a fast, effective, convenient, and economical way of improving hand hygiene. Tork's extensive range of hand wiping products include larger, more absorbent towels that lower towel wastage and make hand drying not only a pleasant experience, but also quick and effective. With one-at-a-time towel release the usage and maintenance costs are reduced, resulting in lower cost-in-use. With Tork hand wiping products one towel is enough. Large, quality towels, unfold ready to use for efficient hand drying.

·        1 ply

·        Dimension 24 x 21cm

·        230 sheets per pack

·        21 packs per carton

·        Sold as a carton

Product Code: CHH184987

Category: Paper towels

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