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D-Tex Super Woven Poly Tarp

D-Tex Super Woven Poly Tarp

$185.90(inc GST)


D-Tex Super Woven Poly Tarp (14 x 14 weave)

2.05m x 50m Blue 185gsm

Polytarp Benefits

  • Double Laminated, woven reinforced.
  • Water and dust resistant for interior applications
  • Anti-Slip surface for safety
  • Can be used for temporary onsite weather proofing
  • Cost effective protection for easy clean up after construction

    Extract from Code of Practice for Safe Asbestos Removal - 5.1 of building an enclosure:

    "All floors should be protected with at least one layer of woven plastic to prevent pentration during the asbestos removal work. The joints should be lapped 300mm and sealed with double-sided tape and duct tape"

  • Product Code: DTEXWOVEN

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