MX3FG - Food Grade Lubricant

MX3FG - Food Grade Lubricant

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Product Code: INX-MX5-300

MX3FG - Food Grade Lubricant

INOX MX3FG Food Grade Lubricant is a multi-purpose oil based spray designed for use on food processing and handling equipment. Spraying on surfaces creates an anti-rust film to protect from any corrosion or moisture that can occur. It penetrates between moving parts to eliminate any binding or sticking, while keeping them well lubricated.

INOX MX3FG was released to cater specifically for the food and beverage industry. INOX-MX3FG holds the NSF, class H1 food grade approval which is the highest approval available for incidental contact with food for lubricants. As a result, this lubricant is recognised worldwide and therefore allows INOX-MX3FG to be used in all food applications all over the world.

  • Displaces, penetrates, lubricates and protects
  • Contains no silicon, acid, kerosene, dieselene or toxic compounds
  • Will not harm metal points or surfaces, plastics, paints, enamels, fibreglass, formica or neoprene seals
  • Doesnt dry out, gum up, become gooey or sticky or wash off with water
  • Non-toxic, non-static, non-corrosive non-conductive and non-staining
  • Odourless, no dye or masking agents added