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Peel Away 8 (1kg Kit)

Peel Away 8 (1kg Kit)

$39.60(inc GST)


Peel Away 8 is for use with Acrylics Polyurethanes Marine Epoxy Paint Removal / Stripping

Peel Away is a revolutionary patented concept in paint removal. The Peel Away system has been specially formulated to remove multiple layers of paint in one clean fast application.

Suitable for use on surfaces such as: Almost all exterior and interior surfaces wood, brick, metal, concrete, painted aluminium, stone, plaster and painted fibreglass, oil, varnish and acrylic paints and some polyurethane coatings.

Kit includes 1x 1sqm of Peel Away paper sheets, application spatula, application guide and product datasheet.

  • Removes up to 12 layers of paint in one application
  • Provides safe lead and Asbestos paint removal
  • No toxic fumes
  • less labour intensive
  • Preserves most substrates
  • Removes multiple coats of architectural and tough industrial coatings from virtually all surfaces.
  • Product Code: PA81KG

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