ROOBUCK RN2T - Cordless Caplamp


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ROOBUCK RN2T Cordless Caplamp - Allens Industrial

ROOBUCK RN2T - Cordless Caplamp

The RN2T model is purpose-designed for Industrial and Mining Applications without the need for an Ex Certificate. It generates both focused light for long-distance light projection and spread light for wide area illumination. The focused light can be set in high-beam mode for temporary high-intensity light or standard mode for normal application.

The clip on the back can be used for attachment, for example, to a headband or to a harness of breath apparatus. It is compatible with Cap Lamp brackets for safety helmets in any standard of the world.

The unique thin design of the RN2T allows Visor up and down movement over the Cap Lamp, which until now has been an operational frustration for end users.

RN2T comes with our Patented Angle Adjustable Single Hinge Bracket for optimal maneuverability for Safety Helmets that have a plastic or metal Cap Lamp Bracket. A Double Hinge bracket is also available.

  • Three operating modes Standard Focus, High-Beam Focus, Spread
  • Thin design means Cap Lamp fits behind visor and allows it to go up and down
  • Lightweight, comfortable, and ergonomic
  • Tough GERMAN enclosure material to withstand rough handling
  • Worlds safest and most reliable Panasonic battery
  • Made from Top Brand, high-quality components and parts
  • Comes with a free Angle Adjustable Bracket
  • IP67
  • Run time of 13 hours on standard focuc
  • 2800 Lx Standard Focus, 5500 Lx High-Beam Focus