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Splash Alpine 15lt

Splash Alpine 15lt

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New generation, total washroom maintainer and disinfectant that instantly foams away dirt, soap scum, body fats, mould, mineral deposits, rust and urinary salts. Can replace up to five different washroom cleaners and be used as a toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, abrasive hand basin and fixture cleaner, bleach shower cleaner and a glass and mirror cleaner.


It is safe to use on glazed ceramic tiles, porcelain toilet bowls and wash-basins, shower stalls and partitions, melamine and painted surfaces, grouting and glass as well as chromed taps and fixtures. Will not discolour stainless steel urinals. Its special high foaming, fast acting formulation, may be applied by trigger or by foaming equipment and either blasted off with high pressure washers or agitated off with a scouring sponge.

Product Code: RP500015

Category: Disinfectants

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