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Nappy Soak 4kg

Nappy Soak 4kg

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Nappy Soak is a specifically formulated oxygen bleach powder with cold water technology for outstanding cold water performance compared with similar products. It is designed for use in the laundering of textiles such as clothes, towels, sheets and nappies in both commercial and domestic laundries. Nappy Soak is most commonly used as a pre-soak powder and assists in the removal of organic stains such as coffee, tea, foods including oils, chocolate, egg, tomato sauce, butter and margarine, grass stains, blood stains and stains from faecal matter, urine and vomit. Nappy Soak is a safe, colourfast bleach and can be used to bleach stains out of both whites and coloured garments, making whites whiter and colours brighter while helping to protect the fabrics. This product is not, however, recommended for wool, silk and leather. It may be used in hot or cold water, and may also be added to the wash as a detergent booster for a cleaner, brighter wash

Product Code: STHLNS4

Category: Laundry Products

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