Septone Spray N Wipe 750ml

Septone Spray N Wipe 750ml

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Septone Spray N Wipe 750ml

Spray N Wipe removes smears, finger marks, biro and water based ink marks, smog, tobacco tar residues and other soil deposits from hard surfaces. It produces a sparkling, streak-free finish and leaves behind a zesty lingering lemon fragrance. It may safely be used on laminated surfaces, whitegoods, walls, porcelain, chrome and stainless steel surfaces, ceramic tiles and glass including windows and mirrors.

Spray N Wipe will not damage paintwork, upholstery or rubber. However, prior to use on clear plastic surfaces such as Perspex, acrylic or polycarbonate, perform a spot test on an inconspicuous area in order to ascertain whether or not the Spray N Wipe attacks the plastic. Spray N Wipe does not contain ammonia, and is therefore suitable for use by people who react adversely to ammonia mists. The surfactant contained in Spray N Wipe is biodegradable. Spray N Wipe has also been designed to pass the TGA test for a commercial/household grade disinfectant when used direct from the container.