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SUNDSTROM SR700 Fan unit with standard battery & SR570 Face Shield

SUNDSTROM SR700 Fan unit with standard battery & SR570 Face Shield

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Sundstrom SR700 PAPR + Sundstrom SR570 Face Shield



The Sundstrom SR700 powered air purifying respirator FOR PARTICLES ONLY is an alternative to negative-pressure filter respirators in situations where these are recommended. The fan-assisted air flow may be of benefit during extended periods of work in warm conditions.

  • Two speeds (175 or 225 l/min)
  • Light weight only 1.1 kg with battery and filters
  • Lithium-ion battery with a useful life of 500 recharging cycles
  • Battery recharge time: approximately 2 h
  • Supplied with 2 high-efficiency particle filters
  • Operating time up to 8 h
  • Single control for on, off and operating status
  • Automatic air flow control


    Unique shield with excellent field of vision. The visor can be easily flipped up to a well-balanced 'over-the-head' position. Easily replaceable visor of polycarbonate or PETG.

  • Connect directly to Sundström PAPR
  • Connect to fixed air supply via regulator
  • Quick-release hose connection
  • New adjustable head harness
  • Flip-up visor: easy to replace
  • Super-flex breathing hose
  • Internal airflow deflection
  • Optional neck-cape
  • Optional bump-cap (Pictured in main photo however not supplied with)
  • Earmuff slots
  • Product Code: SUN190-06162

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