SUNDSTROM SR552 - Back Harness for PAPR Fan Unit


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SUNDSTRÖM SR 552 Harness

Harness for fan unit SR 500 and SR 700.

The Sundstrom SR552 back harness is a durable and ergonomic accessory designed to enhance the comfort and functionality of respiratory protection systems. Crafted with high-quality materials, this harness ensures a secure fit while evenly distributing the weight of the respiratory equipment across the wearer's back, reducing strain during extended use. Its adjustable straps and padded design offer customizable support, promoting prolonged wear without discomfort. Compatible with either the Sundstrom SR500 or SR700 fan unit, the SR552 back harness is an essential addition for professionals in various industries requiring reliable respiratory protection in demanding environments. The fan unit can be worn on the lower back or between the shoulder blades and the back plate has 3 size adjustments.