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Sweet Lu Cistern Deodoriser

Sweet Lu Cistern Deodoriser

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Sweet Lu is a high performance and exceedingly economical industrial strength automatic toilet bowl cleaner, deodoriser and sanitizer that has been used by professional cleaners for more than 20 years.

With Sweet Lu, toilet hygeine and maintenece is simple, economical and consistent. Sweet Lu's  performance has made it the standard in toilet hygiene for the commercial cleaning industry. When placed in the toilet cistern it will continue to maintain a high level of sanitation for months, in frequently used toilets you can expect an average life cycle of 3 months running at cost of under .08 cents a day.

Sweet Lu cleans, deodorises & sanitises with every flush giving consistent 3 in 1 action that out shines alternative methods. Sweet Lu is simple and safe to install without the need of any alteration to the plumbing or toilet hardware. The technically advanced dispenser stays in the toilet cistern away from children, vandals and the easily clogged toilet bowl.

Sweet Lu ensures the toilet bowl is shining and sanitized with light blue foaming water and an unassuming sweet scent. Its premium formulation includes over 70% ACTIVE CLEANING SURFACTANT so there is no need for harsh brushes or extra chemicals. (Alternative products are between 5-23% surfactant)                

Sweet Lu is bleach and paradichlorobenzene free   Non toxic, safe for septic systems and made from the highest quality biodegradable surfactants  

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