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SCOTT SAFETY 012781 - Promask Full Face Respirator Combi

SCOTT SAFETY 012781 - Promask Full Face Respirator Combi

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SCOTT SAFETY 012781 - Promask Full Face Respirator Combi

Scott Safety Promask Combi Airline Head Top

The Scott Safety Promask Combi includes a right side adaptor for conection to a compressed air hose and a left side 40mm thread connector for a filter connection. The full face respirator is fitted with a self closing connector. When entering and leaving a contaminated area, the connector can be detached from the FCV regulator and the left side connector can be fitted with a suitable Scott Safety Pro2000 filter (40mm thread).

The Promask Combi full face respirator is made from specially engineered halo-butyl elastomer compound offering high resistance to chemicals and aging. The facepiece has a wide T-bar sealing edge, transparent inner mask with two inhalation valves and a 5-point adjustable rubber harness with quick release plastic buckles. The speech diaphragm helps transfer clear and audible speech along with a sweat port in the chin pocket providing added comfort during extended wear times. Wide panaromic polycarbonate visor to maximise the field of vision, with an optional polycarbonate hard coat visor to enhance resistance to scratching.

  • Halo-butyl elastomer compound Facepiece, including: Butyl IRR, EPDM & natural rubber
  • Silicone Inner Mask
  • Polycarbonate Visor

  • Product Code: UN012781

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