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ASBE (1 metre) Transit Tent Cover

ASBE (1 metre) Transit Tent Cover

$258.50(inc GST)


Manufactured by Asbeglovebag.

Sold as a complete 3 stage section (COVER ONLY)

  • 2kg Skin
  • 3000mm long x 1000mm wide x 2000mm high


  • Lightweight - Reusable lightweight aluminium frame.
  • Flexible - The cubicles can be used in a variety of situations and ways.
  • Free standing - The cubicles require no extra support to keep them standing.

    Based on a durable, re-usable aluminium frame and a white polythene 'skin' (175 microns). The skin is designed to maintain privacy whilst allowing light to penetrate.

    The airlock system is erected and dismantled in minutes, and can be performed by a single man on his own.

    The 'skin' comes with pre-cut internal doorways and door flaps, and personnel on site decide where to locate the entry/exit doorways.

    The Asbetent Triple Airlock comes with 3 self-adhesive "No Access" warning signs to be placed where appropriate.

    *** Frames and covers are sold separately ***

  • Product Code: W23000A

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